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"World's Best" Underwater Dock Light

"World's Best" Underwater Dock Light

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Comes Completely Assembled!

Polycarbonate light fixture with super bright LED bulb and 30' of power cord. The piling bracket comes attached, along with an underwater connector for the "daisy chain". 


  • LED Bulbs - 15000 lumen (super bright), but use only 100 watts (very energy efficient!)
  • The lamp and base are made in America from polycarbonate plastic. This is one of the hardest plastics in the world. They're basically unbreakable!
  • We include 30' of 12/3 power cord with a control box equipped with a GFI breaker switch.
  • "Daisy Chain Connectors" - we include a water tight sub surface connector with each light assembly. This means you do not have to go back to an electrical outlet with each new light. The lights connect to each other, similar to Christmas lights. Our underwater connectors were developed in the ROV world and are "state of the art" technology. You will be able to connect up to 8-10 strands of lights in a row from one receptacle, depending on its distance from the power source. 
  • We developed a bracket for attaching our light to pilings and other underwater structures..... OR the bracket can be used to tether the light to a weight (10 lbs. minimum) so that the light can be installed suspended above the ocean floor by simply tossing it into the water. (The bracket is also polycarbonate!)
  • All of our lights are equipped with a photocell sensor. This will automatically turn the light ON when the sun goes down. Also, it will turn the light OFF when the sun comes up. 
  • The cords come with a GFI attachment. It is code in the United States to have a GFI, in case you don't have one, we supply it! 
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